Welcome to the official page of the Leiden University Sustainability Week 2018


Green Keys presents Leiden University’s first Sustainability Week!

Act, conserve, eat, explore, and learn during the week of February 19th to the 23rd of 2018 at Leiden University! A multitude of sustainable activities, lectures, and workshops will take place in which all students can participate. Discover more during this week about what sustainability is, how you can implement it in your own life, and what is already happening concerning sustainability.

Please keep a close eye on our website and Facebook to see when and where you can participate and discover!


The Leiden University Sustainability Week offers a broad spectrum of events and activities throughout the week. Checking this out on your desktop? Click on ‘program’ in the home menu to see the full event schedule.

During the entire week there will also be a Green Lounge in the Plexus building and the possibility to contribute to the Green Monument that will be presented to the Executive Board of Leiden University. The monument will be a symbol of a large collaboration between many students, the same collaboration that is needed for us to work together towards a greener and more sustainable world.

For more information on specific events, click on the links below:


Meatless // Less Meat Monday




Movie Night: Bag it- is your life too plastic?





Clothing Swap The Hague



Green Talks: Young Entrepreneurs and Sustainability




Workshop: Growing Mushrooms on Coffee Grounds




 Workshop: How to deal with climate change




Workshop: Green Cooking



PubQuiz: Fundraiser for The Ocean Cleanup



Closing Lunch ( To be announced…)

See you there!


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